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2018 Dates for the best NQA-1 Lead Auditor Training
November 13-15

2019 Dates now available - call to register!

  • February 19-21
  • June 11-13
  • September 10-12
  • November 12-14

Meets NQA-1, ANSI N45.2.12/23. Our lead nuclear auditor training requirements are now consistent with INPO's Systematic Approach to Training (SAT). We offer all of our programs exclusively at the exciting Speedway Club at Charlotte Motor Speedway - Charlotte, North Carolina. This program is suitable for update training for NQA-1-2008/9 for personnel previously qualified under older revisions of the standard.

Newly updated, J-E-T-S Quality Consultants wrote the book on performance-based audits and continues to refine and improve their approach to ensure audits improve safety and reliability while adding value. Developed for new and experienced nuclear standards auditors, this program provides attendees with the tools needed to manage the planning, performance, and reporting of audits in NRC and DOE nuclear facilities and meet requirements for lead auditor training in NQA-1 and ANSI N45.2.23/N45.2.12.

What to Expect During Your Training Session

A proctored and graded written exam follows the nuclear management training. With over 100 locations delivered nationwide, this program is considered to be the industry standard for nuclear auditor training. Basic and lead auditor training is fast-paced, providing knowledge and skills needed to successfully fulfill auditor duties, consistent with NQA-1, ANSI N45.2.12, and ANSI N45.2.23 requirements.

We continually update our program to include the latest information, like fraudulent parts and the most recent 10CFR21 lessons. Using our J-E-T-S POUR™ process for managing audits, this program includes discussion, examples, and workshops covering the following topics:

  • Audit and Assessment Requirements, Fundamentals, and Methods
  • Audit Planning (P-Plan)
  • Audit Performance (O-Observe)
  • Audit Analysis and Evaluation (U-Understand)
  • Reports (R-Report)
  • Written, Closed-Book Exam at the End of the Program

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This training can prepare auditors and managers to understand nuclear standards, like NQA-1, and meet the challenges of performing and leading performance-based audits and providing useful feedback to line management. Program price of $1,595 includes instruction, materials, written exam, and lead auditor training certificate for those who complete the program. Listen to what industry professionals who have enrolled in our lead nuclear auditor training program have said about their experiences:

  • “Absolutely fabulous – great training with wonderful reminders and hints.”
  • “One of the best classes I have attended in my 30+ years in the industry.”
  • “Absolutely the best training class I've participated in.”
  • “Although I felt I had a good knowledge of NQA-1, I learned a lot!”
  • “Each and every course I have received from J-E-T-S over the years has been a great help in advancing my ability as an auditor. Thanks!”

Our 2019 Dates will be published soon. Call (704)987-9858 for program details.

Contact our specialists with any questions you may have about our nuclear auditor training program. We proudly serve contractors and corporations nationwide.